About Us

Hey there! Tasty Tours is Toronto’s award-winning food tour and chocolate tour company. But more importantly, our mission is to share the city with you like how we would with our best friends – treating you to the best food experience in Toronto, and leaving you with memories to savour for years to come.

On each tour, your guide will take you on a walk around a Toronto neighbourhood. You’ll be introduced to various eateries, feasting on a variety of edible delights while learning tidbits of food and Toronto history. Yum, please!


  • Each tour features behind the scenes visits or exclusive samples, because we want to give you that truly special experience.
  • We offer the smallest group size among Toronto food tours and cap our in-person tours at 10 participants to ensure a personal experience, so you’ll feel like you’re dining with new friends instead of being herded around like cattle.
  • You’ll receive a free neighbourhood and city guide – we care not only about your tour experience, but your entire Toronto experience.
  • Our 100% Money Back Guarantee if you didn’t enjoy the tour. Just contact us after the tour with your request.

99% of our reviewers give us a positive review for a reason. We look forward to seeing you on a Tasty Tour soon!