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It has been a strange time, and we hope all of you are safe and healthy, wherever you are. Everyone had to make sacrifices in the past few weeks to flatten the curve and prevent COVID-19 from overwhelming our healthcare system. Unfortunately, some sectors have been hit harder than most, including tourism and retail. Many local stores are reeling - some of our partner stores have reported a drop in revenue of over 80%, while others have had to close temporarily or reduce hours in order to stop the bleeding. 

Although we are not running any food tours right now, we've put together a list of ways you can help our partner stores. Local businesses like these are what make Toronto special, and we want to ensure that they're still here when the dust settles. Let's help keep the lights on for those who bring light to our city!


Save 40% off our tours and support multiple local businesses at once

Use the code SUPPORTLOCAL and get 40% off our e-gift certificates - proceeds from the sales will be used to pre-pay our local stores immediately for future tours. You'll get to snag a great deal on a unique and delicious food experience (plus the Toronto Truffle™) and support over 15 unique local businesses at the same time, including us! 

Purchase gift certs for an upcoming birthday, wedding, anniversary, special occasion and more (or take advantage of this great price to stock up!). Our gift certs are also a great way to send some love to friends and family during this period of isolation, or to treat yourself to a well-deserved celebration post-social distancing. Our gift certs can be used anytime and never expire. We will run this promotion for as long as the COVID-19 shutdown lasts, but we urge you to buy now to help local businesses build up the cash flow to tide over to sunnier days.



Others ways to support our partner stores

*Note that information can change drastically from day to day. We encourage you to call businesses in advance of visiting or check their websites/social media for the latest updates. 

Best Istanbul - They're open for take-out by phone or Ritual, as well as delivery via UberEats, SkipTheDishes and Foodora. Yay for pide!

Blue Banana Market - Their retail store is closed but they are working on updating their online shop.

Caribbean Corner (171 Baldwin St, 416-593-0008) - Yvonne's small but mighty grocery store is still open for business! Get your fresh vegetables, spices and more.

ChocoSol - Online delivery and pick-ups are available, check out their Instagram for more details.

CXBO Chocolates - You can make online orders or purchase gift cards. Sarah and Brandon prefer orders over gift cards as their products have a shelf life. Get your Easter fix on!

Daan Go Cake Lab - Online orders and take-out is available. Chris is working on gift card options. If anything can make you feel better about self isolation it would be Daan Go's cute cakes and character macarons.

Ding Dong Pastries (321 Spadina Ave) - Aunty is open for business! Time to stock up on your favourite Chinese buns.

Moo Frites (178 Baldwin St) - Ambrose is open for take-out depending on the day.

Moonbean Coffee Company - They're open daily 7 - 5 for take-out coffee. You can also purchase coffee beans and gift cards in store.

Pancho's Bakery -  Their stores are open from 12 - 5 for take-out and they deliver on Uber Eats and Foodora. 'Churro-kay'

Soul Chocoate - Online orders are available!

The Candy Bar - Lots of options! Online orders, call or text for deliveries or curbside pick-up. Follow Paola on Instagram for frequent updates.

Toronto Popcorn Company, Tibet Cafe and SOMA Chocolatemaker has temporarily closed so we encourage you to send them love via social media or Yelp/Google/review platforms.

For a list of what's open in Kensington Market, check the Kensington Market BIA website or social media.


How about a quick and no-cost way to support? Leave a review or send your favourite local businesses some words of support via social media or email! We at Tasty Tours would also love to hear from you. If you've ever been on a tour, please consider leaving us a review on TripAdvisor or Google. Every little bit counts for us to bounce back when the world is back to normal.


Let's be socially distant but locally present! Love, Audrey and the Tasty Tours team