Easter Events

Thanks for sharing Easter with us! See you again in 2018.

We've got 3 delicious ways to celebrate Easter this year - a veritable trifecta of taste. Whether you choose the Easter Sweets Tour, Easter Chocolate Tour, OR Easter Chocolate Workshop, it'll be a sweet treat.

"This was such a lovely tour! The fun part is not knowing where you're heading to next...I'm looking forward to my next tour...so is my tummy! :-)." - 5* TripAdvisor Review

Easter Sweets Tour

Treat yourself to the sweetest Easter ever on our Easter Sweets Tour. Cast off that tired old chocolate bunny and enjoy a unique Easter adventure with us as we skip through Kensington Market, savouring familiar and foreign sweets while learning tasty tidbits of history.

What to Expect

  • Guided tour on the history of sweets, the neighbourhood and more
  • Introduction to a variety of multi-cultural food stores
  • Samples from each location
  • Discounts at select merchants
  • Happy times for all!

Apr 16 (Sun), 11.30am

Apr 16 (Sun), 2pm

Easter Chocolate Tour

Easter is a time of eating chocolates. So what better way to celebrate than a tour of some of the best eateries in town, a sampling of delicious chocolates and chocolatey treats, and a crash course in chocolate history? We even top off this afternoon of awesome with a chocolate making demonstration by an award winning chocolatier.

What to Expect

  • Sampling of chocolates & chocolatey goodies
  • Guided tour on the history of chocolates & more
  • Introduction to 6 unique food stores
  • Chat with store owners & chocolatiers
  • Chocolate making demonstration (Tasty exclusive!)
  • Fun yum times for all!

Apr 15 (Sat), 1pm

Easter Chocolate Workshop

Instead of just eating chocolates on Easter, why not make it? On our Easter Chocolate Workshop hosted by Odile Chocolat, you will get to taste a variety of chocolates, roll vanilla-infused chocolate truffles, and leave with a box of your handmade sweet creations.

What to Expect

  • Taste and learn about different chocolates
  • Watch a truffle-making demonstration
  • Roll your own vanilla-infused chocolate truffles
  • Take home your handmade treats
  • Scrumptious times for all!

Apr 16 (Sun), 5pm