Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the individual tour pages for the Kensington Market 'Taste the World' Food Tour and Toronto's Ultimate Chocolate Tour first for most of the tour information you need.

This page is for all other common questions.

General FAQ

How do I know if a tour date is available?

If a tour date is available, you will be able to select it on each tour's ticket page. Tours can generally be booked up to a maximum of 3 months in advance.

When must I book my tour? What is your cancellation policy?

You should book your tour at least 24 hours before the tour. Tour cancellations are not refundable but postponements are allowed in certain situations.

Are kids welcome on the tour?

The tour is designed for adults, but we'd love to have kids on the tour, which is why we offer children between the ages of 7 to 12 an especially low price, and free for anyone younger!

Do you have any more timings?

We may include more timings in the future based on demand, so if there is a particular timing you think we should have on our tour, tell us! Alternatively, enquire about our private tours here and we can set up a tour at your preferred date and time.

Why should I sign up for your mailing list too?

Every so often we spice up our tour with different food, themes, guest stores and more (no extra cost), so if you'd like to plan your visit to coincide with these juicy extras, sign up for the mailing list on our homepage!