TOffle - the toronto truffle

Invented in Toronto, for Toronto.

The Toffle™ (stylized 'TO.ffle'), or Toronto Truffle, is a decadent new treat that reflects the flavour of Toronto and Canada. We call it the love child of a chocolate truffle and a butter tart (a proud Ontario treat). Invented in Toronto as a Canada 150 gift to our beloved city and country, the Toffle was created by Tasty Tours in collaboration with partners in the local food and design industry, influencers, government institutions and locals.

The Toffle is available as an optional add-on when you go on a Tasty Tour, so book your Kensington Market 'Taste the World' Food Tour today!

What would happen if a butter tart and a chocolate truffle made love?

Tasty Tours Toffle Rainbow

What is it?

The love child of a butter tart and a chocolate truffle, it features a triple layer of crumbly crust, silky chocolate ganache and gooey maple butter tart filling, all covered in chocolate.

What's the story?

We’ve long been aware of Toronto’s diverse and quality food scene. Yet, while Montreal is associated with poutine and Niagara with icewine, Toronto has never really had one food item to call its own.

When Canada 150 and Ontario 150 arrived it got us thinking. This was the perfect opportunity to celebrate both our country and province's 150th birthday bash, as well as Toronto’s foodie identity, by creating an edible ode to our home.

After extensive research, experimentation and consultation with industry leaders and locals, we finally hit on the perfect idea. The butter tart, which originates in Barrie, Ontario, has long been a favourite of locals. What about combining the delicious flavours of the butter tart with chocolate, North America's favourite sweet?

And so, the Toffle was born.

Exclusively available on a Tasty Tour

What's in it?

The Toffle is 100% Canadian! As a local company that firmly believes in supporting other local businesses, we source our ingredients locally as far as possible, and use Canadian companies for everything else.

Some of our favourite local partnerships include SOMA Chocolate, who makes one of the best bean to bar chocolates in the country, and Spade & Spoon, a small family-run farm from Ontario who supplies us the delicious Very Dark grade maple syrup for our Toffle. We also work with Camino Chocolate, Canada's only fair trade and organic certified couverture chocolate.

What about the design?

The Toffle is shaped as a hexagon to reflect Toronto as the 6 (thanks Drake!). Our multicultural identity is observed in the colourful Toronto skyline.

How do I get one?

The Toffle is exclusively available an an optional add-on to those who come on a Tasty Tour. Join our Kensington Market 'Taste the World' Food Tour today!


Like the city of Toronto, the Toffle was born of a team of diverse players. Many kisses to Isabella for balancing the baking, chocolate and artistic skills required to make the Toffle, Christie of Girl on Saturn for the stencil design and product assistance, and Velda for coming up with the 'Toffly' awesome name of the Toffle!

Big hugs as well to the following people for their invaluable assistance in the creation of the Toffle, ranging from taste-testing to providing advice.

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