Our Toronto Food Tours

Why Come on a Toronto Food Tour with Tasty Tours?

Save precious time researching and just enjoy today

It sucks when you spend all this time trying to decide between 3 eateries, then pick the one that bombed, doesn't it? Fear not, we’ve spent hours (and lots of money!) trying over a thousand food and drink options in Toronto, just so that you don’t have to! All stores and food samples have been taste-tested and approved by us.

We only show you the best

We choose our partner stores based on quality, diversity, and originality. We don’t choose stores based on receiving kickbacks, freebies, or any such nonsense. We’re bringing you to try the stores that we, as locals, love and frequent ourselves.

Try foods risk free

If you’ve never tried a particular dish before, you may agonize about spending money on something that you may not like. Well, on the tour we take the stress out of the guessing game by choosing our favourite dishes for you! Although you may not love everything on the tour (because everyone’s palates are different), chances are you’ll enjoy most of it, including that dish you’d never even heard of before!

VIP Experience and Insider Access

All Tasty Tours feature exclusive experiences of some kind, whether it be a chocolate-making demonstration or a special recipe concocted just for the tour. Because you’re our VIP!

Skip the tourist traps and eat like a local

Let’s face it, with such a limited time on vacation, it's tough to find steer clear of the usual tourist traps you find in all the guide books. That's why we're here. We’ll show you where the locals hang, which does include some of the hyped eateries (but only the good ones!), but also some of those hidden gems that only savvy locals know about.

We look after you beyond the tour

Our service doesn’t just start and end on the tour. We care about your whole Toronto experience. That's why your Tasty Tour ticket includes a complimentary neighbourhood and food guide to help maximize your time in Toronto. Plus, you’ll gain access to our exclusive Food Concierge service - we’ll answer all your questions about Toronto, food and more, including making restaurant reservations on your behalf!

Learn things the fun way

Unlike staid guide books, we’ll tell you things like the history of the local shop owners, and maybe crack a few jokes with you along the way. We're people, so we enjoy the conversation! Every tour is unique, because each one of you is unique.

Astonishingly affordable food tours

We don’t dress our tours up with unnecessary bells and whistles that only increase the cost of the tour. Traveling is not cheap, and as fellow travel bugs, it’s important to us that you can enjoy everything else on your bucket list. That’s why we price our tours affordably, and also why we offer children’s pricing (food education for the younger generation is a pet topic of ours!).

Smallest group size

Tasty Tours offers the tour with the smallest group size in Toronto, with a cap of 8 people. We do this because we want to ensure you have a truly personal experience, with the opportunity to make friends with others on the tour and chat with the guide.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We want everyone on our tours to enjoy themselves and we don’t feel comfortable accepting payment from someone who didn’t have fun. So if you didn't like your tour, just contact us and we'll refund you 100% of your tour ticket. We're not worried though. Our tours have been crafted with love and expertise, so we're pretty sure you’ll like it!