Toronto’s Ultimate Chocolate Tour

✔ Sampling of chocolates & chocolate-based goodies
✔ Guided tour on the history of chocolates & more
✔ Introduction to a selection of unique boutique eateries
✔ Chocolate tasting lesson (Tasty exclusive!)

Minimum group size of 2 people and a maximum of 10 people to ensure quality

Weekends, 2pm – 5pm

Website Special (best price guarantee)*
$69 per person
Free for kids under 7!

*Book on our website to access the Website Special ticket option, as well as receive our free neighbourhood e-guide.

Notice: This tour is not currently running. How about joining in on a public virtual chocolate tasting, or if you have a larger group of 7 or more, how about arranging a private virtual chocolate tasting instead?

Are you a chocoholic? Then this is the tour for you! You can’t call yourself a true chocolate lover if you haven’t been on the only chocolate tour in Toronto that imparts the art of chocolate tasting and samples cacao from bean to bar. Come join us on a stroll through several Toronto neighbourhoods as we embark on a mission to sample the best chocolates and chocolaty treats. From chocolate bars to chocolate truffles, there’s something for everyone. Learn more about where chocolate comes from, how chocolate is used in other foods, and why we crave chocolate – while satisfying those cravings!

Plus, your experience includes a special chocolate tasting lesson. You’ll never see chocolate the same way again.

(All participants will receive a complimentary neighbourhood e-guide with their ticket.)

We visited unique chocolatiers, bakeries, and even an unexpected location (you’ll see when you are on the tour) throughout King West and Trinity Bellwoods. The chocolate was excellent and our tour guide Alex did a great job explaining the history of chocolate, the manufacturing process, and what we were tasting. Our group really enjoyed the variety of the stops, tastings, and the ability to see new parts of the city (even though some of us were from Toronto!)…Just book the tour because it is a great value and the other reviews show just how many people feel the same way.

5-star TripAdvisor review

Frequently Asked Questions

What stores will I visit on this tour? What will I eat on the tour?

We’d really rather surprise you, it takes too much of the fun out of the tour to tell you everything you’re eating. But if you insist, contact us. (stores subject to change at our discretion)

Where does the tour begin and end?

It begins close to King/Spadina and ends in Kensington Market near Dundas/Spadina. The start and end stops are a 21 min walk from each other, and both are conveniently located near streetcar stops. You will receive the address of the starting point once you’ve signed up for the tour.

How do I get to the starting point? Is there parking?

By transit, take the Spadina streetcar and get off at the King stop. By car, there is street parking available. This website on free parking in Toronto may be helpful, but we cannot comment on its reliability.

Are there any washrooms?

There are washrooms at all the stops except for two. Please ask during the tour!

Will my child under 7 get to enjoy all the food on the tour too?

Kids under 7 are not given individual samples on the tour. If you would like to receive additional samples for children, you would need to book them as an adult with General Admission. You are more than welcome to share your samples with your little ones.

What is your cancellation policy?

We do not offer cancellations. However, emergencies do happen, and we permit rescheduling up to 24 hours before the tour due to illness. If you need to reschedule, please contact us as soon as you can!

More about chocolates in Toronto and Canada

We started this tour because we simply love chocolate, and till today, you can’t get us to shut up about it! When we first started researching for this tour, we had to abandon the idea because there were not enough unique chocolate options within walking distance, and we were not about to offer a sub-par tour to other chocolate lovers. However, things finally changed for the sweeter a few years back.

We now have a tour that we, as fellow chocoholics, can be proud of.

Toronto (and Canada) is fairly young in the chocolate industry, compared to cities like London and Paris. However, we’ve made great strides in recent years. SOMA Chocolate, one of our tour partners, has won several awards at the International Chocolate Awards and the Academy of Chocolate. Their 2 stores boast a huge variety of bars from different cacao origins, which sometimes makes it hard to decide which chocolate to purchase. Fear not though, as we’ll walk you through how to taste and choose chocolate while on the tour, leaving you with a better idea of your personal chocolate palate.

SOMA Chocolate is one of the handful of chocolate makers in Toronto, who import cocoa beans and make the chocolate from scratch, experimenting with various techniques to tease the best flavours out from the beans. In contrast, most of the chocolate shops in Toronto work with high quality couverture chocolate from companies such as Valrhona, Cacao Barry and Callebaut, mixing various chocolate with flavours, nuts, and so forth to form their own beautiful creations. You’ll get a good representation of both types of chocolate shops on the tour, as well as other stores that work with chocolate in various ways. We’ll get to try chocolate fondue with unique flavours, savour beautiful chocolate bonbons almost too beautiful to eat, and more. Whether your affinity is for dark chocolate or white chocolate, you’ll find something to love on this tour.

Come join us for an afternoon in chocolate heaven!