Virtual Chocolate Tasting

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We are based in Toronto, but can ship anywhere in Canada with a laptop/cellphone and connection to the internet! We may also be able to ship internationally (e.g. US), please enquire for details.

  • Learn the art of chocolate tasting
  • Discover how chocolate is made
  • Sample a variety of artisan chocolates made by craft chocolate-makers (primarily dark chocolate)
  • Taste the origin of chocolate, raw cacao
  • Sweet times for all!
Group Size

Private groups with a minimum of 7 participants, up to as many as chocolate lovers you know!


Anytime upon request. 3-4 weeks advance notice is ideal depending on the group size and where the chocolate kits are being shipped to (Tasty Tours is based in Toronto)


Various options are available, depending on if chocolates are being shipped to one household (e.g. family party) or multiple addresses (e.g. corporate social). Please contact us for details.


Tasty Tours rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 503 TripAdvisor ratings.

Taste chocolate like never before on our Private Virtual Chocolate Tasting. In this private online chocolate tasting (groups of 7 or more), you'll be guided by a chocolate expert on a gastronomic journey in which you savour raw cacao and a variety of artisan chocolates. Along the way, learn how to taste chocolate like a professional, how chocolate is made, and more. Similar to a wine tasting, but sweeter.

How does this work? Based on your group's interests, we'll curate the perfect selection of craft chocolates for your sweet tooth. We'll then ship you a chocolate tasting kit containing all the chocolates and cacao for your tasting, before meeting on a scheduled Zoom meeting where one of our resident chocolate afficionadoes will lead you through a 45 - 60 minute guided chocolate tasting. At the end of our tasting, you'll not only be full of chocolate, you'll be full of a new appreciation for chocolate.

Whether you're looking for a virtual chocolate tasting for a corporate team-building event, customer appreciation, birthday party, bachelorette or more, we can create the perfect experience for you!

Contact us to organize your private virtual chocolate tasting today! Please include your estimated group size (minimum 7 people), location of participants, and preferred dates for the tasting.

This Private Virtual Chocolate Tasting is only available for groups of 7 or more. If you only have a couple of people, check out our Chocolate Tasting Kit and Free Virtual Chocolate Tasting, open to the general public!


"Virtual chocolate tasting was bananas. Ok I learned so much I took notes!! Audrey was incredibly knowledgable, answered all of our questions, and made this event so fun. The chocolate we sampled was unlike anything I expected or have ever had before and I have a new appreciation for craft chocolate makers! " - 5* TripAdvisor Review


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  • The emphasis is on quality and not quantity, so look forward to trying a variety of small, high-quality samples that allow you to focus on flavour profiles
  • We will be tasting craft chocolatemakers who make primarily premium dark chocolate
  • Due to the above, this tasting is typically not suited for younger children

Dietary Restrictions

The tasting is vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and nut-free. Please mention any relevant dietary restrictions to be safe.

What chocolates will I eat on the tasting?
The exact chocolates are selected based on your interests, but they will primarily be dark chocolate. 

What do I need to participate in a virtual chocolate tasting?
For starters, you need an address we can send the chocolate samples to! For the tasting, you will need a laptop or cellphone with access to Zoom.